El pasado lunes 03 de Agosto tuvimos la oportunidad de presentar el 3er Simposio sobre Lactancia y Nutrición, por esta ocasión en su modalidad online. Contamos con la asistencia de más de 2000 personas a quienes agradecemos haber permanecido durante toda la transmisión. ¿De qué se
Successful treatments for obesity are limited. Intervention models based on constant and frequent surveillance seem to facilitate adherence to recommendations, obtain results of lifestyle improvement and perpetuate the result for periods longer than half a year.
Paediatric patients with exogenous central obesity (W/H >0.50) have a higher risk of presenting dyslipidemia than those with only BMI >2 SD. Dyslipidemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, early detection by way the waist-height ratio and early treatment it could prevent metabolic complications
Recent studies demonstrate an association between blood lipid levels, haematologic profile and body fat in obese adolescents, positive correlations were found for red blood cells and haemoglobin with waist circumference (WC).

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