The relative risk of dyslipidemias with respect to waist-height ratio and body mass index in obese pediatric patients

Paul Ríos1, Arturo Perea Martinez1, Ariadna Guadalupe Lara Campos1, Lilia Mayrel Santiago Lagunes1, Aranza Lilián Perea Caballero1, Ana Lourdes Salvador Adriano1, Brenda Denisse Narváez Lima1, Corina De la Paz Morales1, María De los Ángeles Hernández López1, Miriam Mercedes Padrón Martinez1, Ana Lidia González Valadez1, Diana Circe Solís Aguilar1


1National Institute of Paediatrics, México, Mexico


Objectives and Study:


Aim objective was to measure the strength of association between anthropometrics parameters and dyslipidemias to identify the relative risk of developing dyslipidemia in obese patients. The functionality of study was of a descriptive type, the temporal sequence was of a transversal type, the control of the assignment of the study factors was an observational type and the beginning of the study in relation to the chronology of the events was retrospective.




714 patients from 4 to 18 years old with obesity from the National Institute of Paediatrics in Mexico, were evaluated. The waist-height ratio (W/H ratio) tool was defined as >0.50 and Body Mass Index (BMI) as >2 SD. The values for the lipoprotein profile were according to ATP III. Triglycerides were evaluated at (>100 mg/dl) for < 10 years old and (>130 mg/dl) for >10 years old. The confidence interval (CI) for the relative risk (RR) was 95% using Software IBM SPSS Statistics V.24.




Children with a waist-height ratio >0.50 have 1 to 3.4 more risk of presenting clinical dyslipidemias, mainly triglycerides, LDL-C and 2.35 times more likely to present atherogenesis and early cardiovascular risk.




Paediatric patients with exogenous central obesity (W/H >0.50) have a higher risk of presenting dyslipidemia than those with only BMI >2 SD. Dyslipidemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, early detection by way the waist-height ratio and early treatment it could prevent metabolic complications in adulthood.

Relative risk


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